The cuisine

The culinary philosophy of Cerere – Cibo dalla Terra, is a natural evolution of Giorgia and Mauro’s childhood and of their discovering and observing nature with the eyes of children. The cuisine is pure transformation of raw materials. Experimentation and respect give birth to unprecedented expressions of the product, to combinations that are as unusual as they are balanced, in which Mother Earth speaks through her fruits and seasons.

The oil comes from the family’s olive trees, the bread is homemade with sourdough, fermented, canned and marinated foods take a playful turn. A creative and sophisticated cuisine that does not however forget its roots: Cibo dalla Terra, Food from the Earth.

The wine list is curated by Mauro and is regularly enriched with treasures that eschew convention sourced through research and study of small vignerons. Wines from Oregon, New Zealand, Istria, and Slovakia, without overlooking France and Italy and with a particular predilection for the Camargue and for the Marche Region.

In the dining room Mauro and Giorgia welcome the customers joined by Xavier Roset – service manager originally from Barcelona. The kitchen, on the other hand, is the realm of Roberto Cogni and Mario Grassia, executive chef and sous-chef respectively, both of whom have had experiences in Michelin-starred venues; together with Mauro and Giorgia they design the menu, in complete harmony with seasonality, the concept of short supply chain, and the culinary philosophy of Cerere.

For both lunch and dinner there is a choice between tasting menu and à la carte.

There is also a special menu designed for lunch breaks and business lunches.