Our story

Cerere – Cibo dalla Terra was born out of Giorgia Codato and Mauro Salerno’s love for the Earth intended as nourishment, and from the respect she deserves.
The name itself, Cerere (Ceres), the Roman deity linked to flowers, fruits, animals and harvests, as well as fertility and births, is meant to celebrate the Earth as a Great Mother, generous and welcoming but at the same time noble and powerful.

She a Venetian, he originally from Como with roots in Cilento, both spent much of their childhood in the vegetable gardens their parents tended out of passion. Thus, with their hands dirty with soil, they learn about the seasons, about flavors and smells. They harvest potatoes, green beans and raspberries, they make cherry earrings. At home they eat garden produce, make jams and tomato sauces, meat and fish are chosen with care, strawberries taste like strawberries and are not eaten in January, for afternoon snack Mauro eats bread with oil from his father’s olive trees, Giorgia bread, butter and sugar, as the peasant tradition dictates.

After graduating in psychology with a focus on eating disorders, and a stint abroad, Giorgia returns to the Veneto region and, following in her father’s, a chef, footsteps, she decides to open the restaurant of her dreams. Thus, in Mirano, Horteria is born: a place where genuine cuisine aims to educate the palate through encounters, dialogues and experimentation. Here she meets Mauro who, at the time, is pursuing a career in finance. The two of them uncover a shared past, a common passion for good food and a love for genuine products, for “Food from the Earth.” Thus, little by little, between a dinner and a glass of wine, Cerere begins to take form.