A food and wine story written by two pairs of hands.

Our story

Cerere – Cibo dalla Terra, was born out of Giorgia Codato and Mauro Salerno’s love for the Earth intended as nourishment, and from the respect she deserves. The name itself, Cerere (Ceres), the Roman deity linked to flowers, fruits, animals and harvests, as well as fertility and births, is meant to celebrate the Earth as a Great Mother, generous and welcoming but at the same time noble and powerful.



Central and easily accessible by public transport, Ceres’ location lends itself perfectly to informal business lunches, pleasant and tasty lunch breaks and more structured corporate events. The intimate and sophisticated setting is also ideal for birthday dinners, anniversaries and other celebrations.

It is possible to reserve the entire location, customize table arrangements, and agree on a special menu.

The staff is available to help you execute your event.